DASAL's new Cargo 75 and Çarpan UAVs

DASAL develops single and multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles for national and international needs.

Established in partnership with Aselsan-Altınay, the company also designs, develops, manufactures, tests, assembles and integrates all kinds of equipment, systems and subsystem components of the vehicles it develops.

DASAL General Manager Z. Burak Mercan talked about the products of DASAL, which focuses on technology and solutions that will safely perform the challenging and extraordinary tasks that can be expected from aircraft:

“Today we have a product that we call Cargo 75. It is actually a cargo product that we call the new generation, in which we reflect all the developments arising from the demands we have obtained by talking to the users in the field, the lessons we have experienced and learned in the past years.

With these drone systems, the subject of logistics has become a much needed trend agenda in both the military and civilian sectors.

We are a little more on the side of military tactical logistics in the current situation. But over time, we plan to take a position on civil markets as well.

Our current product is actually an battery powered, electrical aircraft carrying a 75 kg payload. We are also currently developing a hybrid version of it as alternative configurations. The difference between the two stems from the difference in their ability to perform tasks. With the electric product, we can operate within a radius of 30 km. In the hybrid version, this mission radius can be increased up to 100 km.

By reducing the load to be less than 75 kg and increasing the amount of fuel, the operational radius can be increased. Of course, this is a matter of user preference.


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