Indonesia Aims to Be in the Top 50 Defense Companies Worldwide

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum Fair arranged on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 in Jakarta.

President Jokowi, who made inspections at the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum Fair, expressed his positive views on the Indonesian defense industry, which he thinks is developing well. In this context, the President, “The development is very good because we have provided a large area for the private sector in the construction of the Indonesian defense industry. “Whether alone or in cooperation with the defense industry from abroad, I think this is a very good development” said.


In addition, President Jokowi emphasized the importance of following developments in the global defense sector, including the increasing defense budget and the emergence of new military technologies in NATO member countries, the Middle East and East Asia, “The most important thing is that we can adopt as many new technologies as possible in the field of military defense. This is the most important thing” he stressed. Underlining the need for global cooperation for the development of the defense industry in the country, the President said that one of them is to be able to transfer the latest military technology.

Pointing out that Defend ID’s Presidential Director stated that they aim to be among the top 50 defense companies worldwide, Jokowi said, “Of course, the products we have need to be developed as much as possible.” Finally, the President, who expressed his satisfaction with the organization of the Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum Fair said, “I see this as a good promotion, especially for defense and security equipment products.”

On the other hand, previously Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto said that Indo Defense 2022 Expo & Forum aims to create business opportunities and exchange technology between countries. “The theme of Indian Defense 2022 is Peace, Prosperity, Strong Defense, so peace, prosperity and strong defense,” said the defense minister. Besides, important companies from the Turkish Defense Industry participate in the Indo Defense fair.

More than 30 Turkish companies including ASELSAN, Baykar, DASAL Aerospace Technologies, DEARSAN Shipyard, FNSS, HAVELSAN, Nurol Machine, OTOKAR, PROFEN, ROKETSAN, Samsun Homeland Defense Industry, Sarsılmaz, STM, TAIS Shipyards, Titra Technology and Turkish Aerospace took their place in Indo Defense 2022.

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