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BEE-EATER, which can land and take off autonomously on mobile land vehicles, is designed to manage continuous intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions.  The system has a drone nest solution, which carries out autonomous battery replacement and can charge depleted batteries, is the key component that distinguishes the BEE-EATER from other UAVs. 

Main Features

  • Fully Autonomous Battery Replacement Capability
  • Autonomous Landing/Taking Off Capability
  • Compatibility with mobile vehicles
  • Day/Night Mission Capability
  • Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Flight
  • Tracking Mode via GNSS
  • Autonomous Return HomeFunctionality (Datalink Loss)
  • Real-Time Video Transfer and Record
  • "Support for various map types
     (Compatible with RASTER and DTED)"
  • Ability to define no-fly zones
  • Continuous Mission Ability



PEREGRINE-X4B is a Rotary Wing Kamikaze UAV system made to quickly accelerate to high speeds and destroy dangerous drone platforms. With its design and lightness, PEREGRINE-X4B has an agile construction.


FALCON-DAD, also known as the Drone Hunter, is designed to effectively capture threat drone platforms using its integrated net gun payload as a Rotary-Wing Drone Hunter UAV system. It successfully neutralizes the threat drone using data from the integrated radar and imagery from the Electro-Optical and Infrared camera system.


Main Features

  • Net Gun
  • Expandable Net for Fixed Wing Threats
  • Real-Time Video Transfer and Record
  • Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Flight
  • Plug and Play Gimbal
  • Redundant Flight Control System
  • Ability to define no-fly zones
  • "Support for various map types
     (Compatible with RASTER and DTED)"
  • Continuous Mission Ability
  • Autonomous Return Home Functionality (Datalink Loss)



UAV Controller

Due to the hardware in high-tech drones, tablets with an operating system are needed during the control phase. These tablets reduce flexibility in drone use. For this reason, an integrated control is designed for tablets. The control lets the pilot perform maneuvers and important commands more easily and quickly through the buttons.

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