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As an innovative company established in partnership with Aselsan and Altınay, DASAL develops products and technologies towards planning, designing, developing, modeling, manufacturing, testing, assembling and integrating of Single and Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems, along with all kinds of equipment, system and subsystem components of these vehicles, for national and international demands.

Message from the Chairman of the board

We operate with the appreciation of our role in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry and with the recognition of our substantial responsibilities.

Thanks to our agile organizational structure and the targets set by our dedicated, dynamic and decisive team, we are confident that we will create a game-changing value for our shareholders, for our country and for international markets.

Throughout this honorable journey, we will continue providing added value to our country. We will pursue our goal of designing and developing technologies of high innovative value.

DASAL is a subsidiary of
Aselsan & Altınay Defence.

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To become a world-class solution center that produces technologies and solutions, which will safely perform challenging and extraordinary missions and increase the quality of human life.


To be a force multiplier that will increase both our country’s and allies’ tactical and operational capabilities by developing reliable aircraft technologies and R&D studies for the national and international arena.

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You can contact us by E-mail. For urgent situations, we recommend you contact us through our landline for immediate support.


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